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Lead generation and generating quality referrals is all we do. 

I lost money paying other "lead gurus" up front and never saw a return on my investment. Who puts their money where their mouth is and let's you try before you buy? USMFP does! I started in 2015 & have been a client ever since.

B. Sarikas - Atttorney

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We provide FREE testing of our unique lead generation platforms that we build for professionals like you. So you can try before you buy.

We don't just say we can generate leads, we show you.

If we like you and the service you are providing, we will build an entire lead generation platform for you, pay for ads out of our pocket, and attempt to generate leads for you before you hire us officially. FREE of charge.

No risk and no liability for you. You read right, You will not be liable for a cent.


Read EVERYTHING below first. If you agree with what you read, then come back and fill this out.

We say it like it is below.

No baloney. We won’t waste your time and don’t want you wasting ours either.

Just 15 mins, not a minute more or we will have to charge you 🙂

If we can't generate leads in your area, you lose nothing and save your hard earned money

If we generate leads for you during our test run and you close on any of them, we will expect our agreed compensation and take your word for it.  If you decide to hire us after the test run, we will continue to generate leads at an agreed upon compensation rate.  Or we can just shut off the lead generation faucet we built for you (free of charge) and each go our merry way.

You MUST commit to contacting Leads ASAP.

Lead conversion rates are best when the professional receiving them is contacting them immediately. NOTE: We will be conducting our own Quality Control. If any professional is not contacting leads promptly during a test run, we will simply cut that individual off.

Once Mr. E started consulting me on lead generation for Ortho and built a lead generation platform for me, I started getting pop up messages on my cell so often that I thought my cell was bugging. What was it? LEADS!!!!

Dr. Halikias

NOTE: Dr. H now added 5 times her initial monthly marketing campaign and is generating hundred of quality leads monthly.

After your 12-20th lead, you can decide whether to contract us or not. Month to month!

What do you have to lose? We are good at what we do. Most clients use part of the money they save with us to advertise their business even more by increasing their ad spend and generate more leads/more sales.

I was not happy during my first call to USMFP because the rep called me a "cheapskate." The truth is, I was being one lol. Its hard to know who is real, who truly wants to work/help, and who will come through. I am happy I tried them out. I have increased my ad spend with them and whenever I want to see how much was paid directly to FB, Google, Instagram, etc, they get on a video call and show me LIVE. Talk about transparency. No-one else is doing this.-

L. Chavez - Insurance Agent

Then, we will agree on our monthly fee and budget for a monthly ad-spend. You can change your plan at any time.

We won't bug you much. No billing hassles. No need for payment in advance for trying us out. No long term contract. It either works or it doesn't. We will take monthly installments, no contract, no obligation. You can stop paying whenever you want. All based on your word. Look, we know what we are worth and capable of doing. No need to sell, upsell, or any B.S.

Thanks to USMFP, I am now a TOP 1% Producer- Award Winning Realtor 3 years in a row in Illinois - My first 3 years as a realtor too. I now have 16 agents and taking on more. I literally get to hand my agents pre-approved buyers to service on a daily basis. All thanks to the amount of leads I receive from Vicky and her team.

Lorena Ramirez

By the way, did we mention that we work EXCLUSIVELY with ONLY 1 professional per category area!?

Have you any idea how unique, valuable and important this is for you?  If you contract us for Real Estate Lead Generation in Las Vegas, for example, 

we’ll only work with you and no other Realtor in that entire city.

Regardless of your package level or ad-spend.  We are not looking for thousands of clients to work with, we are searching and vetting just 1, in each area, to join forces with and help grow.

If you are happy, we are happy.  If you make money, we get paid.

Orthodontists – Realtors – Loan Originators – Lawyers – Insurance Agents –  Doctors – Consultants – Coaches – Construction and more.

We help professional service providers of all sizes from all over the country.

Join over 1000 professionals in 30 states and growing.

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Just 15 mins, not a minute more or we will have to charge you 🙂

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